Illuminate Your Evenings with Outdoor Patio Lights

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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

In photography and film circles, good lighting is key to quality results. For homeowners, that same philosophy holds true when it comes to outdoor lighting. Whether you are looking for well-placed spotlights that illuminate landscape features, a modest landscape lighting design to enhance safety, or outdoor patio lights that turn your evenings into captivating visual experiences, an outdoor lighting system from Redwood Landscape can make a dramatic difference in curb appeal.


Optimum Landscape Lighting Design Solutions

As with landscaping, we have a team of lighting experts ready to work with homeowners on professional installation and custom designs. We start with detailed conversations about your needs, desired materials and specifications, and budget. Redwood Landscape offers LED lighting design and installation for both landscape and hardscape elements.

Our Lighting Experts at Lumin8 Are Ready to Help You

Thanks to our partnership with sister company Lumin8, customers have seamless and direct access to the industry's best outdoor lighting options and services.

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