Drainage & Irrigation

Landscape Water Management Made Easy

Poor landscape water management can cause headaches for homeowners, including a swampy yard after rainstorms, as well as serious problems such as land erosion, unhealthy plants, and even flooded basements. Redwood Landscape's team of experts know the challenges facing both new construction and existing homes in the region, and can recommend creative, tailored solutions to curb water problems and keep your property healthy.

Our drainage services aim for prevention and protection. We assess your situation and come up with creative solutions that are functional, but also pleasing to the eye. We can construct dry creeks and strategically placed catch basins for stormwater runoff, install French drains, or strategically grade the land for optimal drainage.

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Let’s talk about water management

Hydrate a Thirsty Yard

On the flip side, dry yards yield unsightly lawns. To combat the brown, we plan and install underground sprinkler systems to make managing yard irrigation easier. Our experts work with you to make sure the perfect amount of water reaches your grass, your gardens and your trees so that you have long-lasting beauty even in the driest of seasons.

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