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Landscaping since 2008

Redwood Landscape has built a reputation over more than a decade of being one of the top-rated landscaping companies in the region. We did this by working hard, thinking creatively, and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Our highly skilled team of landscape professionals cares about you and the details. We are efficient and work quickly, but our projects aren’t truly complete until you are totally satisfied. We may be in the business of getting our hands dirty, but we trust you’ll be satisfied with the clean and honest approach to our work and our relationship with our customers.

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Planning and Design

After contacting us, you’ll hear from our team within 48 hours. We work with you to understand your vision and what you hope to achieve with your residential or commercial space. Depending on the level you’d like to be involved, you’ll be a part of the design process, working with our team to develop a customized plan. We provide free on-site consultations to ensure your design is possible and our team can meet your needs. Throughout our design process, you’ll be able and encouraged to provide revisions where needed. Once the design is finalized, we’ll provide pricing, a timeline for installation and advise you on maintenance needs. Then, we get to work.



You are the most important part of our process. After a design is finalized, we will work with you to complete material selection. We will recommend which materials will work best for you and your design. After material selection is complete, installation is scheduled and our team begins building your new space. We work hard, we work fast, and we produce excellent results.


Once your landscape is transformed, you want to keep that showstopping brilliance for the long-term. We encourage regular maintenance, so your landscape looks just as beautiful on day 1,000 as it did on day one. We offer mowing, fertilizing, spring and fall clean-ups, mulching, irrigation maintenance, backflow testing, winterization, tree/bush trimming and more. From design to installation to maintenance, you’ll be glad you chose Redwood Landscape as your partner.