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Redwood Landscape takes pride in delivering personalized, seamless experiences to our customers. From design to hardscaping and soft scaping services, we tailor every aspect to reflect your unique vision and enhance your property's aesthetics. Serving Lake County landscaping needs, we bring expertise and creativity to every project, ensuring your outdoor space reaches its full potential. Trust Redwood Landscape to elevate your surroundings and create an oasis that exceeds your expectations.

Unique Landscape and Design
Backyard with fire pit and screened porch
Brick house with wooden deck and landscaping
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Comprehensive outdoor solutions

From designing the perfect backyard oasis to water management and maintenance,
we are your single-source landscaping experts that get the job done right.

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Breaking New Ground

Our customers trust us to bring innovative designs into a collaborative process built on a true partnership. Your vision is our blueprint. Our team brings it to life by recommending the latest in outdoor living design trends and techniques. Together, we explore what’s possible — then we make it happen.

Go Ahead.
Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Your property is like a canvas — the possibilities are endless. But where do you start? Explore different textures, colors, elements and styles, piece together what fits your personality, and then, let’s talk about how to make it a reality.

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